Our Process

Lex Capital looks for highly motivated, committed and complementary management teams with whom we can partner.

Our focus is on early stage companies seeking seed, growth or acquisition capital in the energy sector.

Each potential investee must demonstrate:

  • Proven management track record and historical value creation for shareholders;
  • Strong independent board of directors;
  • Alignment of company and shareholder interests;
  • Significant investments by both management and the board;
  • High growth and scalable oil and/or liquids-rich natural gas prospects;
  • Competitive land position; and,
  • Attractive entry point and a well-defined exit strategy.
Get In Touch

We have assembled a strong independent investment advisory committee that provides feedback and assistance throughout the due diligence process, as well as enhances deal flow. In addition to providing capital, Lex Capital brings a network of strong business relationships to provide valuable business guidance and solid corporate governance practices to its investees.